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Documents for Periodic Review
Game Official Points of Emphasis and Rule Changes!
Intramural Game Rules
Referee Hand Signal Chart
Game Official Schedules


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WK6 JAN 21 Click Here!
WK7 JAN 28 Click Here!
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A Few Reminders

  • Dispose of water bottles in recycle bin. Keep scorers table clean!

  • No cell phone calls or text messaging permitted while games are in progress!


  • Be ON TIME! 10 minutes before start of session.
  • Identify the session Lead Coach. Ask for specific points of emphasis.
  • Blow your Whistle and make all Calls LOUDLY!
  • Be decisive, your decisions are final! Manage the game and be in position to make timely and consistent calls.


  • Be ON TIME! 10 minutes before start of session.
  • Game clock management is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Set possession arrow after the first jump ball.
  • Each half is “running time” for the first 18 minutes of play then “stop time” for the last 2 minutes or single 2 minute overtime.
  • Buzz in substitutions on first whistle or first dead ball after the 16, 12, 8 and 4 minute mark stopping the game clock for 10 seconds.

Who to Contact
Game Officials – Barbara Susi,
Intramural Program – Mike Costello,